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About Coach Beth


My name is Elizabeth Vaden and I am the owner of  COACHED by Beth, a virtual and in-person certified health and wellness coaching company that teaches individuals just like yourself how to take charge of their health by incorporating daily healthy eating and fitness strategies. I am a certified health coach and graduate of Middle Tennessee State University. I hold a master's degree in Adult Education & Corporate Training. I have over 12 years of experience as a business owner, which I began as a restaurant and catering owner. But most importantly, I too struggled with weight loss and once I began changing my eating habits and saw how much I could eat if I made healthier food choices-my life changed forever. 

For me it was something I wanted to continue because I had two young children who looked to me for their health journey. Once my daughter was diagnosed as being insulin resistant I knew I had to teach her what nutrition was all about in order to give her a second chance of breaking the cycle of diabetes in our family.

Once you become a client of COACHED by Beth you will receive full access to my success programs that will teach you how to make healthy eating and fitness a lifestyle and to break away from trying the "next big diet".   I cannot wait to help educate, empower and transform the new you!!

-Coach Beth